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Professional demon-hunter Lazarus loves his job. He loves the adrenaline rush, the clarity of combat, and the chance to be more than a broken thug. Most of all, he loves his angelic handler, Rebecca, who scraped him out of the gutter and gave him a purpose. For her, Laz would punch out the Sun.

Which is fortunate, because his current target is almost as formidable: a nigh-invulnerable necromancer, living on time stolen from his undead thralls, who's easily dispatched every other demon-hunter who dared face him. A more rational man would be worried, but Laz sees this mission as an opportunity. Killing this guy is sure to impress Rebecca. Maybe she'll even reconsider her "no fraternization with humans" policy.

But the shameful truth is that Laz's battle prowess isn't entirely his own. Five years ago, Laz promised his body and soul to a charismatic demon in exchange for immunity to demonic magic—and promptly skipped town without paying. Now, while Laz is hip-deep in the toughest mission of his life, his demon finally tracks him down... and it won't let him escape again.

CHAINBREAKER is complete at 122,600 words.

I am currently seeking a literary agent to represent me and Laz.


A stand-alone adventure story about one of Laz's early missions. Watch 18-year-old Laz punch demons, fail at flirting, wrestle Hellhounds, create and destroy property, and make embarrassing newbie mistakes, all with tremendous enthusiasm. 8,000 words. Spoiler-free.